Getting Started

I have built my new blog instead the old one (address) today. However they might will both be working for a short time, this can be a new begin to open my new life way for higher academic learning.In the past,I am not focusing on development,computer science,or infomation security.But I will try my best to learn and get more after.

For the begin, I wanna maintain this blog myself. However some of my friends are willing to build it collectively. I am very pleasure to hold together with ours.

And if someone are desirous to write with us, please send email to

Welcome here

No matter why you come here. Welcome! And I hope you can get you wished for.

Have fun! Wherever you are.

Test Code Model

As a potential future coder, I must make a test for my code-showing box.

#include <stdio.h>
int main(){
    printf("hello world!");


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